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Registration procedures

Fill out the application form at the following link

App. Link

Admission needs from 3 to 6 days
Then, Book a ticket (to Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus) and inform us (Send your tickets date)
The student must come early in order to continue the registration procedure and find accommodation, and do the student permission .

Cost of living

Entry to Northern Cyprus For students, university admission is considered sufficient to enter the country

Northern Cyprus enjoys the beauty of its magnificent nature and its unique location between Asia and Africa in the eastern Mediterranean.
The island of Northern Cyprus is characterized by cultural and tourist diversity, between Turkey and the European Union and its proximity to the Middle East and the Arab countries
We can say that the cost of living for a student in Northern Cyprus may vary from one person to another depending on the place of residence and other requirements. However, the average life ranges from $ 350 to $ 500 per month

University accommodation or an apartment

University accommodation or an apartment

All universities provide university accommodation with meals. The cost may vary depending on the type of accommodation, type of services provided and also by the number of students in the accommodation
Most of the time, the student chooses the university accommodation in the first year and then get a good knowledge about the country and meet a new friends to live with them in the coming year Housing outside the university

Health Insurance

Universities in Cyprus provide health insurance by providing medical services to students through government hospitals free of charge

Cultural Performances

During a new semester there are many festivals, artistic, and cultural performances. The University always support these activities

Sports, artistic and intellectual competitions are also held among the students. Local and foreign teams participate in various shows and concerts .
Try to enjoy your time through these festivals and artistic and cultural performances to increase knowledge and meet new people from around the world.