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Cyprus International University

is one of the best university in Cyprus in terms of acquiring modern teaching methods and development in the basics of education. The university gives great interest For the ways of communication between the teaching staff and the students.

Why Cyprus International University:

Cyprus international university is recognized from Cyprus Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Cyprus International University was established in 1997 in Northern Cyprus, specifically in the capital, and because of its geographical location, which greatly contributed to provide a real destination for students wishing to study in Northern Cyprus.

The University has the cultural and educational exchange to attract students from more than 80 countries worldwide.

The University administration works to provide students with the opportunity to meet all the students in these countries by providing them with service and entertainment facilities to activate the role of exchange of cultures and international events at the intellectual and scientific level of each student.

The university has provided a huge sports building that includes all sports, health and other activities within the university building.

Many practical and applied colleges are available at Cyprus International University
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Engineering.
Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts
Faculty of Administration and Education
Faculty of Applied Science.

Academic Programs

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