Nişantaşı University, Nişantaşı by the Education and Culture Foundation "Nişantaşı Vocational School", the 09/09/2009 date and the 24480 numbered establishment decision 17.09.2009 date and 27 352 Official Gazette joined the higher education system through the publication and 10.10.2010 Date of the pre-licensing education- A foundation that has started its education is a higher education institution.

Nişantaşı University 31.05.2012 date and 28309 numbered Official Gazette published Adjuvant Economic Organization Law at 146, Administrative and Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, Art and Design Faculty, public entity through the Graduate School of Science and Social Sciences, the and Nişantaşı Vocational School was transferred to Nişantaşı University.

Our University Nişantaşı Vocational School (VHS) as it started to provide pre-licensing education from 2010 to 2011 in fibroids academic year 14 , 2011-2012 academic year, 19 , 2012-2013 academic year 28 , 2013-2014 academic year 58 , 2014-2015 academic year 78 , 2015-2016 in 82 , 2016-2017 academic year, 97 , 2017-2018 again in the academic year 97 education programs are given. In 2018-2019 ,Training continues in 84 programs.

  • Contribution to Society
  • Relations with the Constituents
  • Sustainability

2015-2016 Economic academic year, the Faculty of Social Sciences Administrative and 19 , at the Architecture Faculty of Engineering 5 , 6 in total, including the Faculty of Art and Design 30 degree is given by section. The number of departments whose education language is English has increased to 4 (Psychology, New Media, International Relations, Architecture) while preserving the same departments, the language of which is Turkish, in the relevant academic year .


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