A university worthy of the slogan “In the Heart of Istanbul ” Bahçeşehir University (BAU) ... There is a mobility that starts early in the day and lasts almost full day at the main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Beşiktaş. Moreover, you can come across an event at almost every point in the university.

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter through the door of BAU will be the high number of foreign students at our university. More than a thousand foreign students are studying at BAU from a wide geography ranging from the United States to China, from France to South Korea. When you ask why they prefer BAU, the answers are the same: “ Central location and international power ”. The location of the BAU is obvious. In order to understand his international studies, it will be enough to take a short tour on our university campus or on our website.

BAU offers its students a chance to study in many different parts of the world through various agreements and collaborations. Moreover, it does this in cities where there are BAU Global member institutions such as Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Batumi, Cyprus, Hanoi, Kiev, Pueblo, Brockwille. The “ International Office ” unit provides all the support related to the programs to its students who want to continue their education in BAU Global campuses. In BAU, you have the opportunity to take a course related to your department in Istanbul or Berlin, Batumi, or in the member organizations of the BAU Global Education Network in Washington DC. You also have the opportunity to apply for BAU's summer programs abroad towards the end of each academic year. Moreover, BAU Global's summer programs abroad are open not only to our own students but also to students from all over the world!

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Programs at BAU are organized not only for students but also for graduates and graduate candidates. The BAU family, which grows year after year with the year-round trainings and events organized by our Alumni Office, maintains its strong ties even after graduation.


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