Baskent University; Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal founded Turkey Organ Transplantation and Burn Treatment Foundation in 1980, the Dialysis Center in 1982, the first hospital in 1985, and after the Haberal Education Foundation in 1986, in order to meet the need for higher education institutions and to establish a modern education system, he established Başkent University by Law No. 3961 published in the Official Gazette dated January 13, 1994, based on the Decree Law No. 515 dated September 14, 1993.

The aim of our university is to raise people who reach the universal knowledge required by the information age and have the skills to use the information; who have knowledge and experience in the fields of health, education, humanities, law, communication, arts, environment, industry, trade and technology; and who are researchers, and dynamic and sensitive to the problems of the country; who are successful in their professions and business world; who are open to competition; who are closely related to the international environment; who maintain our artistic, cultural and historical values; and who are sensitive to the environment.

In the 1994- 1995 academic year, the Faculty of Medicine (Medical Specialty Education), School of Nursing and Vocational School of Biomedical Device Technology continued its education activities in Bahçelievler district, in the same period as Ankara-Eskişehir State Highway 20 km, Başkent University construction began in the 1995- 1996 academic year.

  • Contribution to Society
  • Relations with the Constituents
  • Sustainability

The first of the Application and Research Centres established under the university was opened in 1994 in Izmir in order to expand quality health services and to improve health education to include the solution of health problems in different regions of our country.


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